Although every location in Conway, Greenbrier and Vilonia has it's own unique characteristics, each is designed with quality, service and education of young children.

All of the buildings are amazing. 

The facilities are superb with themed rooms for each age group.  The hallway are decorated  so the kids can enjoy it; there are also tons of scriptures all over the hallways.  We want to have God's word all around us every day.  Each classroom has ample space to provide children with the best learning environment possible.  Each classroom has their own bathroom and separate hand washing sink, windows that open to the outside and many different learning center areas for the children.  The classrooms are divided into learning centers, such as blocks, math, science, art, reading, manipulative and dramatic play.  We also have webcam access providing high tech services for parents.  Every CCA location has different playground areas that are age appropriate for each age group.  The children have alot of fun running, jumping, bicycling and playing on all of the gross motor equiptment!  

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