Our teachers make the biggest difference.  A teacher takes a seed of PROMISE, tends it with encouragement, and watches as it grows...knowing that one day it will be the fruit that feeds the world.

Our teacher to child ratios is often lower than required by the state, which allows the teachers more one on one interaction.  All of our teachers are certified or trained in early childhood education and all classrooms have two teachers in each room.  All staff members receive at least 25 + hours of early childhood professional development annually.  Our staff turnover rates are often extremely low.  Children thrive with consistency and we understand what a large role a teacher plays in a child’s life.  You will be warmly greeted by your child’s teacher each day.    

The lead teachers are required to be educated and certified in Early Childhood Education.  All lead teachers will have at least one of the following: a standard Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood with a current Preschool-4TH grade teacher's license (or related field), Child Development Associates Degree, Associate's Degree in Early Childhood, with at least 1-2 years of teaching experience.  In some cases, we may allow other qualifications.

Please click on the teacher's name below to view their teacher's biography.

Cristin Jensen

Executive Director

Melissa Knight

Site Director

Cora Hays

Train Teacher

Angela Harness


Amber Ledbetter

Registered Nurse

Bettie Kolda

Foster Grandparent

Cristin Jensen

Executive Director

Cassie Raines

Pre-K Teacher

Cristin Jensen

Executive Director

Cristin Jensen

CEO and Founder

Jenni Baker

Administrative assistant

Kelsey Gabbard

Rainforest Teacher

Alexis Cauthen

Owner/Executive Director

Allison Price

Under the Sea Teacher

Callie Baker

Under the Sea Aftercare

Mary Kate Mansfield

Pond Aftercare

Sherry Lewis

Under the Sea Teacher

Angie Harness

Solar System Teacher

Elizabeth Coleman

Administrative Assistant

T'Essence Green


Carmen Marrall

Under the Sea

Sherry Lewis

Under the Sea

Savannah Myers

Site Supervisor

Kayla Cothren

Site Director

Cora Hays


Harley Willis

Frog Room Teacher

Elizabeth Thill

Pond Room Teacher

Brittany Flake

Infant Teacher

Bryce Evans

Solar System Aftercare

Carmen Martin

Site Supervisor

Liz Harrawood

Toddler 2 Lead Teacher

Kari Smith

Pre-K 5 Lead Teacher

Alaina Fort

Support Staff

Caitlin Gibson

Frog Room Aftercare

Bailey Roberts

Toddler 2 Assistant Teacher

Danielle Catlett

Pre-K 4 Assistant Teacher

Ashley Siler

Support Staff