What makes the difference between one preschool and another?  Let us tell you a few things that makes us different.  

Valet Carpool:  After the first week of school, Central Christian Academy encourages parents to Car Pool. Car Pool is our arrival and departure system using secured codes to promote safety and security.  Car pool is an optional service, should parents choose to walk their child to and from class everyday, they are welcome to do so.  Children will only be released to individuals listed in the enrollment/registration authorized list and who can provide the accurate security code.  Drivers license must be presented upon request.  Carpool is a valuable service to parents with multiple children or just busy schedules! Carpool is quick and efficient and is done in a very safe manner.

Security and Webcams:  CCA offers paperless check in and out as well as optional webcam service for parents.  Click on the security tab under the Difference to view more information.

Certified and trained teachers:  Our teachers make the biggest difference and we believe investing in them is worthwhile. We provide 25+ hours of professional development annually for each staff member in early childhood development.  Please see our teacher certification requirements under the staff tab under About Us.

Curriculum:  EVERY age group at CCA uses curriculum and has monthly individualized lesson plans.  When you are an enrolled family, you have the opportunity to view the teacher created lesson plans online under the "Parent Login".  All lesson plans are aligned with the Arkansas Frameworks and Common Core. To view more information about curriculum, see the curriculum tab under About Us.

Enrichment:  We have many activities each semester at CCA.  We offer gym classes from various organizations and have many community leaders come to our facility for presentations.  All of these activities are listed on the calendar under Experience.

Parent Involvement:  We love having parents come to CCA and be involved in activities we offer.  We always have an open door!  Please see all of the many ways you can be involved under the Difference.