Central Christian Academy offers several enrichment programs that are available to parents.  

Sonshine Academy and TOTS are physical activity programs that are available at a small fee directly to the parent.

Sonshine Academy offers the Toddler Gym to children enrolled ages 18 months-2 years and Preschool Gym to 3-5 year olds.  They come once a week for a 30 minute preschool gymnastics class by a certified instructor.  TOTS is a physical education program that also comes once a week focusing on many different physical education skills that includes ball dribbling and performances.  The gymnastics and TOTS programs are the only optional programs that we will offer that parents must pay for if they want their children to participate; all the other programs are at no charge to parents.

Other enrichment programs that we offer at NO CHARGE to parents are located on our Spring, Summer and Fall Calendars and include some activities such as Conway Fire Department Demonstration, Healthy Teeth Talk by local dentist, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Conway Animal Shelter, MEMS Demonstration, JESUS Talk by local Pastors, Healthy Habits by RN, and much more!

We have a preschool music class and two preschool musicals that we will conduct throughout the year. We host two programs each year, one in the fall, usually a Christmas Program, and one in the Springtime, usually around Easter. The music teacher will come for music class once a week, on an alternate day than other program enrichment activities

We love bringing the community to us to enrich the lives of young children!