Our kids have been going to CCA since August 2008.  It was hard for my husband and I to find a place for them because we wanted them to get the best care possible.  We have found that with CCA.  The teachers and staff have been so caring and loving to my children.  It is nice to find a place where they can learn about school as well as learn about God.  The teachers really care about the kids and the staff has always tried to accommodate my needs. 

Rhonda Robnett

When we began looking for a school for my children to attend, we were very cautious and nervous.  Our children, (1 1/2 and 3 at the time) had been taken care of in our home.  From the first visit, the CCA staff was welcoming and comforting.  The staff is always open to questions and suggestions.  Our children enjoy going to school and we know they are getting a strong foundation in both academic and social skills.

Aimee Dyson

Whenever I think about a Christian virtue that holds a lot of meaning for me, I'm always drawn to hospitality. For my family and me, we have been blessed by the hospitality that the staff has shown us at Central Christian Academy. It sets them a part from other full-time day-care facilities in Conway. As we walk into the doors with a smile and a "good morning" from the staff each day, we feel welcomed into a place that we know wants the best for our child. When we enter my child's room, he's greeted warmly by his teachers and always has Grandma Betty's, CCA's Foster Grandparent, lap waiting in the rocker.
As our child has grown, the teachers and staff have celebrated his milestones, ever sensitive to the fact that a working mom misses some things in her baby's life. Knowing that these folks care, though, has given me peace of mind. And, they continually encourage my child to try and reach those milestones, giving him ample space and time to do them.
The people at CCA have created a space that is warm, inviting, caring, and loving. We're grateful that our baby is here!

J.J. Whitney

Cristin Jensen and the staff at CCA are amazing!  They are very attentive, caring, nurturing, and energetic! Ace is always excited to go to school and see his friends and teachers. His classroom is very entertaining and has a wide range of educational toys. Each day when Ace gets in the car he tells me stories he has learned about Jesus and has a song to sing me. As parents, we were looking for a preschool with a Christian based setting, high educational ratings, and a friendly automsphere. We are so glad to have found CCA.

Lindsay Koehler

Our daughter can’t wait to get to school each morning!  CCA provides a wonderful caring, nurturing, and Christian learning environment for her.  The CCA staff is always attentive to any of her needs, both physical and academic.  The warm atmosphere is evident from the time we drop her off in the morning (personal greetings) to the time she is picked up in the afternoon (daily updates).  Any questions or concerns have always been addressed or resolved positively and quickly.  We are so blessed to have found such a great facility where we know our daughter is building a strong, solid social and academic foundation for her future.

Jennifer Bell

I enjoy working at CCA everyday as a preschool teacher and I am so glad to be able to bring my child to such a high quality preschool!  I have worked in a few preschool centers over the past 6 years and I have never seen such a low turn over rate in teachers!  That says it all right there!  CCA is in it for the right reasons...for the love of GOD and guiding His children!  

Amber Kennedy