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About Infant Care


 The Center on the Developing Child did a study at Harvard University and it concluded that most synapses in the human brain development were formed between birth and 12 months of age.  We believe in fostering early infant development through hands on exploratory play and planned activities.
Some of the activities that we do with our infant class include, but are not limited to:

  • Music, Movement and Finger Plays- Listening to many rotating songs and finger plays based on the thematic unit each month in the curriculum.
  • Bible Focus-Children are never too young to be introduced to the Love of God through songs, stories and scriptures!
  • Language/Cognitive-Sing songs, rhymes and reading books, using activities like peekaboo, hunt and find and shape sorters.
  • Fine Motor- Grasping, reaching, and touching…using many different exploratory objects in the classroom.
  • Gross Motor-Lifting head, tummy time, crawling skills, standing, and walking with help from loving staff…Provide a variety of soft areas in the classroom for exploration and relaxation.
  • Social/Emotional-Engaging with responsive teachers and developing attached relationships with teachers in a variety of ways such as self-exploration and art.
  • Sensory Exploration- Using items with different textures and materials.

At Central Christian Academy, health and safety is also extremely important for your young infant.   Our staff is diligent in hand washing practices and daily sanitation procedures.  All infant room staff also wear shoe covers to ensure the classroom is always clean for infants to explore the environment.

Communication is key to partnering with parents of young infants.  You will receive a daily form informing you of your child’s meals, diaper changes, naps, and other daily activities.

Infants are all on individual schedules at this age. Ensuring your child’s daily schedule is followed in our classrooms is a priority.  We participate in the Special Nutrition Program, so we can provide all of your baby food and cereal at no cost to you.  Special dietary restrictions apply.  Nutrition is very important to your growing baby.

Weather and age permitting, we take our babies outside in the double quad strollers for a nice stroller ride or will sit a big blanket outside on the grass and blow bubbles with them. It is important for children of all ages to have fresh air and experience the outdoors when possible.

We know that leaving your baby can be difficult that’s why we have recording cameras  and an open door policy.  You are welcome anytime! We encourage any parent to call and check on your child if needed and we will be happy to give you a brief update.