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About Toddler Education



As your child grows and learns, your child is more fascinated with exploring his or her environment.  We will ensure that there is an exciting and inviting classroom space for your child to play and discover.   Peers may also start to become important to your child at this age as he or she begins to participate in parallel play (playing beside another child) or in direct play.  Your child’s vocabulary will begin to grow as he or she learns and adds new thrilling words on a regular basis with the help of our nurturing teachers.

Some of the activities that we do with our toddler classes include, but are not limited to:

  • Music, Movement and Finger Plays-Multi-sensory participation in numerous rotating songs and finger plays based on the thematic unit each month in the curriculum. We will also introduce learning with a variety of musical instruments.
  • Bible Focus-Bible stories are taught through songs, scriptures and prayers that are captured in an age appropriate and fun way for toddler’s to understand.
  • Language/Cognitive-Sign Language is often used in our younger toddler classrooms, but we love to hear your toddler using his or her words!  We introduce new words on a regular basis and are continually encouraging your growing toddler to “use their words”.  Language acquisition milestones at this age includes: distinguishing words, understanding others' words and phrases, forming words, learning that some things that look alike have different names, like a “cup” and a “juice glass”, and following simple instructions, toddlers often use gestures along with a word or two to communicate.
  • Gross Motor-Your toddler is a busy little person so we provide a lot of gross motor time to keep his large muscles exercised.  In the classrooms, we have a soft play gym area for a safe gross motor area for your toddler to play and discover. We will also take your child outside every day, weather permitting, so that he or she can run and play and use their growing body to explore the outdoors.
  • Social/Emotional-Transitions can often be difficult for your toddler at this age, so our loving teachers help both your child and you (the parents) understand the social and emotional needs of toddlers.  We will help your child learn to express emotions appropriately. This includes “using our words” when needed or practicing certain social skills. Children learn by seeing and doing, so our teachers model and teach the behaviors that we want them to learn.
  • Sensory Exploration-Your toddler’s classroom is full of purposeful materials that have been chosen to be beneficial for his or her development.  We have sensory tables and discovery bottles that are full of different types of items, materials and textures.  In our older toddler classrooms, they will participate in simple cooking experiments that provide a lot of sensory input.

Communication between parents and our teachers is highly important to us at Central Christian Academy.  We believe it is the key to partnering with parents of toddlers.  You will receive a daily note every single day from your child’s teacher detailing your child’s activities including meals, naps, lesson plan summary and schedule.  

We provide all your child’s meals for breakfast, lunch and PM snack according to the Special Nutrition Program. We postl our weekly menu so that you are always informed our healthy menu.  Special dietary restrictions apply.

Health and Safety is very important at Central Christian Academy. Our staff is diligent in hand washing practices and daily hand washing procedures. In addition, we have magnetic locking security features on the exterior doors and cameras in all of the classrooms